Friday, June 29, 2007

It has happened to me...

I went to use my Kroger card at Kroger to buy groceries and gas, but alas, they told me it was denied! Denied??? Me??? Well the Kroger 'guy' said it was probably just a glitch in the communication with the satellites.

Oh no, I found out as I returned home, when I had time to sit and think, I logged in to my account online and lo and behold! Someone has shopped at a paint store in Santa Rosa, CA to the tune of $1,246.06!!!!

So I called and spoke to a very nice young man who told me that not only had there been a charge of $1246 but when that came through they froze the account and someone tried to spend $118 at CompUSA, but that was blocked.

Luckily, the initial transaction took place yesterday, they froze the account, they'll mail me a form to fill out, mail back and then they'll remove the fraudulent charge. They'll be issuing me a new card.

So now my question and fear is that my credit will be affected and I'll have to change any/all cards that I have- which really isn't that many- actually maybe only one other one. I guess we're all vulnerable to this and more than likely it will happen to everyone at some time in their financial life.

Oh well, good news is that Alan, Kristi and family are coming this weekend, actually later tonight. They are excited about being away for awhile and want to be Atlanta tourists for a few days.

They will visit their old church on Sunday and then meet up with some friends on Monday-Wednesday, they think. The son in that family has just been diagnosed with diabetes and they are learning how to cope with the diet and shots so hopefully that won't keep them from coming to spend time with Alan and Kristi.

I guess that's it for now!

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