Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18th

Today, as every year on this date, I find myself thinking about a very good friend who once walked beside me during many good, happy, bad and/or sad times. Pam Davis

Pam was such an inspiration to me, always looking on the bright side, laughing in such a way to brighten up everyone around her even when everything in her life was not so bright.

Pam was one of my very best friends. She was two years younger than I was and we met in high school through the Colombian exchange program that we took together to Popayan, Colombia. We went together to Popayan on two different occasions. She was tall and had the most beautiful long blond hair; she rode horses in shows and was an accomplished rider with ribbons and trophies decorating her bedroom.

Pam lived under a lot of pressure from her parents to exceed and excell in all she attempted. One or both of her parents drank too much and were not overly pleasant when they did. Pam was one of the bridesmaids in my wedding and although she always said she would never get married, fortunately, while in school at Rice University she met a man who changed her mind. She married and was, from all I knew, very happy.

Pam and I continued to stay in touch, and would call each other for our birthdays and at least a couple of other times during the year. We would sometimes talk for more than hours going over all that was happening in our lives.

Sadly, the year Pam was turning 25, she was found to have a brain tumor which was inoperable. I spoke with her husband on her 25th birthday to find that she was in the hospital at that time. A few days later, I think maybe a week, I called again knowing that something had happened. When Mike returned my call, Pam had passed away. Very sad day. I'm so glad that she was part of my life and was such a good friend, and I sometimes feel that she is looking down and watching over what is going on in my life.

Today is her birthday- Happy Birthday, Pam

I have missed having you here to talk to.

Thanks for staying alive in my memories.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Shack

Here is yet another post in Nana's Box- the few and far between. I find myself with a little time tonight so I thought I would talk about a book I've read that is stirring quite the controversy within the hearts and minds of several friends.

The book is "The Shack"- a book I had heard about, and have now read. Not only have I read it but several co workers read the book before I did with many good things to say. Other friends have read the book, my parents have read the book, I've given copies to my children, and now am finding some reviews that are quite negative, considering the book heresy.

I won't go into the content of the book except to say that the intent of the reading/story was somewhat profound, not because of the portrayal of God the father, Son, and Holy Ghost but the way the story described one man's journey through some very hard times, regaining his faith and letting go of some bitter feelings toward God and others in his life.

The controversy lies in some people's opinion that this book is intended to personify God in ways he shouldn't be. Some think that the book is trying to tell people that there are multiple ways to get to heaven. Some believe that the author has a personal agenda to infiltrate the Christian world and beliefs with his own. While discussing these issues is somewhat interesting, I in no way felt that this book challenged my faith, but rather it helped me to let go of some things that I may have been keeping in my own "shack". I need to understand that I will not always know 'Why', and that's OK. I may not be able to fix what I consider wrong as those 'wrongs' may be God's ultimate 'rights' for my life that I just don't see at the time they happen.

If you read the book, or have read it, on your own volition or because of my giving it to you, or talking about it, please remember that it is a work of fiction and with all fiction that is read, enjoy it for the story, and if there is a message in that story, consider it fully as it may or may not apply to your life, don't just follow it blindly!

Vague enough?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

This weekend has been filled with some shopping, yardwork, a James Taylor concert, and will finish up with a little more shopping and a hamburger cook out!

The concert last night was great, a couple of pictures are here from Chastain. Susanna went with me and although she didn't come back hoarse as from other concersts she has attended, she did enjoy Chastain, the music and the beautiful evening! She had fun with her camera, taking lots of pictures and even trying to get close-ups with her camera up to the eye piece of the binoculars! Creative!
Anyway, are are a couple...

We came home with some new ringtones!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Most infrequent blogger, that's me! But usually when I have something to say, I call! Anyway, check out my new background picture for my new school laptop...which due to my docking station, is also my desktop- I just have to remember that if i take my laptop home, I MUST bring it back or I have no computer to use at school!!!!

Somebody sure has some really cute kids... and I have some really cute grandkids!!!!! I might be somewhat biased, but then again, maybe not!

Friday, October 19, 2007


In the process of scanning slides that have been taken over the last 30 years, I have come to the birth of my first...Steven Clayton James. What a 'right' time in my life, I felt so completed with the ability to birth my babies so relatively easily. Don't get me wrong, there was pain, but in comparison to the birth stories of others, mine was wonderful!

Check this out, my first angel:
Now isn't that the cutest thing???? Sucking the fingers and only a few hours old!
But here's another one that let's you see how miraculous I feel this experience was...He's looking at me, I'm looking at him- precious.
We won't mention how different I look as far as age is concerned...but then again I think Steven looks more different than I do!!!

All for now...

Saturday, October 13, 2007


It's very hard to lose a the life our my church we have lost two children in the last 4 months, both to car accidents. One was 17, the other was 24...born the same year as Thomas. Daniel, the young man who died this week, was very active in the church youth group at the same time as Steven and Thomas- he didn't always follow the conservative path to life and he was a very active young man. During the service today, the words spoken referred to his never ending smile, his zest for life, and the fact that he never would say goodbye, only "see ya later"! What made today's service hard for me, in addition to being there by myself, was seeing the pictures of Daniel's youth activities which included several pictures of Steven. I don't want to outlive my children...not that they want to see me die, but, a parent is not "supposed" to outlive their child!

It is times like this that you realize how fragile life is...would I be ready if today was my day to go to meet God? Are you?

For those limited few that read this blog, please know that I love you all and please forgive me for anything that I may have done that has ever caused you pain. I do the best that I can, and I hope that if there's anything I do that causes you pain that you will let me know. I also hope that you all are taking the time to resolve problems in your life so that you are ready on any given day, ready for yourself and ready for those you love.

I know...somewhat of a downer today, but since I haven't really posted in awhile, it's rambling anyway!

With the staff at school, we were talking about the fact that, as educators, we are sometimes more tuned in to the "wrong" than the "right"- looking for the faults and trying to fix them rather than seeing the good and enhancing them. Did you know that, on an average, people have 50,000 some odd thoughts a day- 80% of them are negative, or are aimed at the "what needs to be done/fixed" thoughts. Sometimes you have to make a concerted effort to increase the positives in life... so along those lines, let me take a minute to list some of the things for which I am very thankful:

My health and ability to work and exercise when I can;
Steven, Rebecca, Emily, Claire, and baby boy on the way- it is very comforting to see how much Steven cares for Rebecca, and likewise, how much Rebecca cares for Steven- I love how Rebecca takes care of 'my baby' and truly loves him; how much joy I get from little girl hugs and the calling of 'Nana' when they see me;
Thomas, who is so full of life, and can find such joy in day to day dealings while discovering what his calling is within God's plan;
Susanna, who demonstrates such wisdom, in life and in academics- such perceived strength!;
Steve and the years that were so good, and the children that we had together;
My parents and their continued long life- their strength and wisdom keep me going when I am down;

I guess for now, that's all...take time to let those around you know the 'good'.

Friday, June 29, 2007

It has happened to me...

I went to use my Kroger card at Kroger to buy groceries and gas, but alas, they told me it was denied! Denied??? Me??? Well the Kroger 'guy' said it was probably just a glitch in the communication with the satellites.

Oh no, I found out as I returned home, when I had time to sit and think, I logged in to my account online and lo and behold! Someone has shopped at a paint store in Santa Rosa, CA to the tune of $1,246.06!!!!

So I called and spoke to a very nice young man who told me that not only had there been a charge of $1246 but when that came through they froze the account and someone tried to spend $118 at CompUSA, but that was blocked.

Luckily, the initial transaction took place yesterday, they froze the account, they'll mail me a form to fill out, mail back and then they'll remove the fraudulent charge. They'll be issuing me a new card.

So now my question and fear is that my credit will be affected and I'll have to change any/all cards that I have- which really isn't that many- actually maybe only one other one. I guess we're all vulnerable to this and more than likely it will happen to everyone at some time in their financial life.

Oh well, good news is that Alan, Kristi and family are coming this weekend, actually later tonight. They are excited about being away for awhile and want to be Atlanta tourists for a few days.

They will visit their old church on Sunday and then meet up with some friends on Monday-Wednesday, they think. The son in that family has just been diagnosed with diabetes and they are learning how to cope with the diet and shots so hopefully that won't keep them from coming to spend time with Alan and Kristi.

I guess that's it for now!