Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18th

Today, as every year on this date, I find myself thinking about a very good friend who once walked beside me during many good, happy, bad and/or sad times. Pam Davis

Pam was such an inspiration to me, always looking on the bright side, laughing in such a way to brighten up everyone around her even when everything in her life was not so bright.

Pam was one of my very best friends. She was two years younger than I was and we met in high school through the Colombian exchange program that we took together to Popayan, Colombia. We went together to Popayan on two different occasions. She was tall and had the most beautiful long blond hair; she rode horses in shows and was an accomplished rider with ribbons and trophies decorating her bedroom.

Pam lived under a lot of pressure from her parents to exceed and excell in all she attempted. One or both of her parents drank too much and were not overly pleasant when they did. Pam was one of the bridesmaids in my wedding and although she always said she would never get married, fortunately, while in school at Rice University she met a man who changed her mind. She married and was, from all I knew, very happy.

Pam and I continued to stay in touch, and would call each other for our birthdays and at least a couple of other times during the year. We would sometimes talk for more than hours going over all that was happening in our lives.

Sadly, the year Pam was turning 25, she was found to have a brain tumor which was inoperable. I spoke with her husband on her 25th birthday to find that she was in the hospital at that time. A few days later, I think maybe a week, I called again knowing that something had happened. When Mike returned my call, Pam had passed away. Very sad day. I'm so glad that she was part of my life and was such a good friend, and I sometimes feel that she is looking down and watching over what is going on in my life.

Today is her birthday- Happy Birthday, Pam

I have missed having you here to talk to.

Thanks for staying alive in my memories.

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