Friday, August 22, 2008

The Shack

Here is yet another post in Nana's Box- the few and far between. I find myself with a little time tonight so I thought I would talk about a book I've read that is stirring quite the controversy within the hearts and minds of several friends.

The book is "The Shack"- a book I had heard about, and have now read. Not only have I read it but several co workers read the book before I did with many good things to say. Other friends have read the book, my parents have read the book, I've given copies to my children, and now am finding some reviews that are quite negative, considering the book heresy.

I won't go into the content of the book except to say that the intent of the reading/story was somewhat profound, not because of the portrayal of God the father, Son, and Holy Ghost but the way the story described one man's journey through some very hard times, regaining his faith and letting go of some bitter feelings toward God and others in his life.

The controversy lies in some people's opinion that this book is intended to personify God in ways he shouldn't be. Some think that the book is trying to tell people that there are multiple ways to get to heaven. Some believe that the author has a personal agenda to infiltrate the Christian world and beliefs with his own. While discussing these issues is somewhat interesting, I in no way felt that this book challenged my faith, but rather it helped me to let go of some things that I may have been keeping in my own "shack". I need to understand that I will not always know 'Why', and that's OK. I may not be able to fix what I consider wrong as those 'wrongs' may be God's ultimate 'rights' for my life that I just don't see at the time they happen.

If you read the book, or have read it, on your own volition or because of my giving it to you, or talking about it, please remember that it is a work of fiction and with all fiction that is read, enjoy it for the story, and if there is a message in that story, consider it fully as it may or may not apply to your life, don't just follow it blindly!

Vague enough?

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